Carpet Cleaning
Carpeting is designed specifically to reduce the look of dirt, repel stains, and stay looking new as long as possible. However, even with regular vacuuming and spot treating, it doesn’t take long for your carpets to show wear and tear.
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Area Rugs
See what our professionals can do for you.
Free Pick-Up and Drop off Options Available!
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Floor Cleaning
Our professionals are here to meet all your tile and grout cleaning needs. Whether it is just in one room or an entire home or office, we’re eager to help you get the clean environment you’ve been seeking.
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Air Duct/HVAC and Dryer Vent Cleaning
Lurking in your air ducts is an unhealthy buildup of pollen, dust, animal dander, and even mold. Dryer Vents help prevent house fires, reduce your drying times, optimize energy efficiency & reduce mechanical failures.
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Furniture Cleaning
When you want your furniture to look like new and for a low cost, the professionals at Pro-Master are the choice for you.
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Emergency Water Extraction
Water damage can come from anywhere. Whether you are dealing with flooding from heavy rain to burst plumbing pipes, it doesn’t take long to find yourself living in a pool of water.
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Mold/Fire Restoration
Dealing with mold or fire damage can be devastating. The next steps can be overwhelming, let Pro-Master help guide you through the process and restore your home exactly how you envisioned it. Contact us today!
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Commercial Cleaning
Whether you realize it or not, commercial buildings face wear and tear daily. When you want to keep things clean, Pro-Master is always up to the task.
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Fleet of Lime Green Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration Vans Parked in Front of Building | Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration

Welcome to Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration

Your property deserves to be clean, whether it’s a home or business. Clean homes make for happy families, and clean businesses make for happy customers.

If you’re looking for premier cleaning and restoration services, look no further than Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration. We handle every aspect of house cleaning for Ludington, Scottville, Manistee, Hart, Shelby, and the surrounding communities.

Everyone loves having a clean home, but keeping your abode clean is also good for your wallet. By keeping your house clean, you keep your home in good condition and ready to help your family make memories for many years to come.



Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration provides many services to benefit your home or business.

Regular carpet cleaning is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy space in your home. Carpet cleaning removes dust and allergens while protecting the fibers of your carpet. Our carpet cleaning can help preserve the texture and color of your home's carpets.
Dirty floors can make an entire space unattractive and less welcoming. Whether you have linoleum, hardwood, or tile, we can ensure your floors are sparkling clean and protected from everyday use and foot traffic with Floor Cleaning. The cleaner your floors, the more comfortable you can feel in your own space.
Many homeowners neglect their air ducts and HVAC systems until they notice a problem. HVAC and air duct cleaning keeps your house free of dust while improving air conditioner and heater performance. Cleaning your ducts also improves indoor air quality and reduces the chance of respiratory irritation.
Area rugs pick up a lot of dirt and dust from foot traffic due to their locations. Over time, this dust and dirt can cause the rug to become stiff and discolored. Our area rug cleaning services at Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration focus on cleaning and preserving the fabric of your rugs so they can look their best for many years to come.
Lint build up in your dryer vent can become a fire hazard. Our professional dryer vent cleaning services ensure safety and efficiency. The process includes thorough inspections and vacuuming to remove lint buildup, reducing fire risks and equipment wear. Keep your dryer vents clean with our team.
Furniture gets a lot of use, which can cause the upholstery and frames to decay. Furniture cleaning not only provides a fresh environment in living rooms and offices but can also extend your furniture’s lifespan and maintain its condition.
Flooding and water damage can affect virtually every area of your home, from the walls and ceiling to floors, basements, and crawl spaces. Our solution for water damage restoration is to remove all standing water, restore and dry affected areas, and sanitize surfaces to prevent mold and mildew growth.
Fire damage can destroy parts of your home, but with the right remediation efforts, salvage is possible. Our fire damage restoration services work to recover and restore structures in your home that have sustained fire damage. We can remove traces of fire damage, replace damaged structures, and remove soot and ash to help you get back into your home.
Mold is one of the most frustrating home issues because it spreads easily and can pose a health hazard. Our mold removal and remediation services can remove all traces of mold and sanitize affected structures to maintain a healthy and mold-free environment.

Why Choose Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration

Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration has happily served Mason, Manistee, Lake Oceana, and the surrounding counties for more than 20 years. We’re available 24/7 and work hard to thoroughly clean any type of property, which means you get the reliable service you deserve no matter what time of year or day. Count on us for all your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

Our cleaning technicians use the latest cleaning technologies and methods to achieve deep, lasting cleans. You can expect our professionals to show up on time and provide the cleaning you expect.

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Request a Free Estimate From Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration

Whether you need some spot cleaning or fire remediation services, Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration should be your first choice. If you don’t have the time or equipment for deep cleaning, we can do it for you.

Don’t settle for a grubby property. Contact us online or call (231) 757-9061 to request a free estimate!

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