Mold, Flood, & Fire Restoration Services

Mold, flood, and fire damage tend to have far-reaching effects when they occur. However, the damage doesn’t end when the flood recedes or when the fire goes out.

If you don’t get started on professional restoration services quickly, mold, flood, and fire-related damage can continue to wreak havoc on your property’s structural integrity and also put your family’s health at risk.

At Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration, we are specialists in flood, mold, and fire damage restoration. Our highly experienced crew understands that no two disaster recovery situations are the same.

You can trust us for a unique assessment, a personalized recovery plan, and hassle-free restoration.

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Mold Restoration - Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Environment

Mold growth inside your home is bad news. The patches look unsightly, ruining your home’s aesthetic appeal. Worse, significant mold growth can trigger various health conditions. Some of these health risks include:

  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches and constant fatigue
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin irritation

Prolonged inhalation of the toxins from some types of mold may even be fatal. Requesting professional mold remediation from the Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration team can help keep your family safe. DIY cleaning solutions can’t help with moderate to severe mold infestations.

Our meticulous mold restoration process starts with an inspection to identify the type of mold. Next, we’ll seal off the affected area to keep the mold from spreading.

Our remediation crew uses a cleaning agent that kills visible mold and spores, leaving you with a clean, sanitized space.

After the remediation, we’ll discuss approaches to help you avoid a new reinfestation.

Mold Restoration

Flood Restoration Services- Restoring Your Property to Pre-Loss Condition 

Flood restoration goes beyond mopping up pools of water around your property. The knock-on effect of the damage can continue to plague your property for a long time if you mishandle the restoration process. Thus, it’s always important to hire a team of flood and water damage restoration professionals for the process.  

Some of the benefits of hiring the experts at Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration for your flood restoration include the following:

  • We can find hidden damage. Flood water can enter beneath your floorboards and into your walls and crawlspaces. You may not see such water damage, leading to major problems for you down the line. With our tools and expertise, we can help you avoid these issues.
  • We use professional drying equipment. There’s only so much your mop, bucket, and fans can do after flood damage. We have high-powered equipment to remove all traces of moisture from your property.
  • We can help with restoration. Our water restoration professional crew can help you clean and restore salvageable items to reduce your losses.

Our meticulous flood restoration process involves water extraction to remove standing water, using industrial-grade equipment for drying, and sanitizing the area to prevent mold growth and eliminate contaminants.

Flood Restoration Services- Restoring Your Property to Pre-Loss

Fire Restoration - Helping You Recover from Devastating Losses 

Fire damage restoration is a multifaceted process that has many challenges. You have to combat the safety risks from weaker structures, electrical hazards, and hazardous materials. You also have to deal with water damage from firefighting, contamination, and more.

Working with experienced professionals who can identify and mitigate these challenges is the first step to quality fire restoration. That’s what we offer here at Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration.

Here’s what you can expect during the fire damage and restoration process:

  • Damage assessment. We’ll evaluate your property to see how the fire affected it and to also create your unique restoration plan.
  • Site clearance. We’ll remove all items burnt beyond repair and those you may have lost during the firefighting process.
  • Site cleaning. During this stage, we’ll clean the smoke and soot from your floors, walls, and ceilings. We’ll also clean out all the moisture from the firefighting.
  • Reconstruction. Our reconstruction crew will work with you to restore your property to how it was before.
Yellow Fire Line Do Not Cross Sign in Front of A Burnt Down House in The Woods

Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration Services - Your Trusted Partner in Scottville, MI 

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced team you can trust for mold, flood, and fire restoration services in Scottville or the surrounding Michigan communities? You’ve found the best one!

At Pro-Master Cleaning & Restoration, we have more than two decades of history helping property owners recover from mold, flood, and water damage.

Contact us today at (231) 757-9061 to get a free estimate.

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